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 Samoyeds and Alaskan Malamutes 

Breeding for sound type & temperament



Enjoy looking over my site to see the history of Alaskamal

see where we have been, and the most exciting part ,

enjoy a look into the future to see where we are going with both our Samoyeds & Malamutes.


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Regards Tiffany

Alaskamal Kennels are located in Limestone Coast border area South  Australia & Victoria

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Puppies for sale
Samoyed puppies for sale
Samoyed puppy
Samoyed older dogs

samoyed puppies for sale
samoyed puppies
for sale
samoyed puppies
samoyed puppies for sale
samoyed puppies for sale

Ethical and Responsible breeder of purebred DNA tested clear Samoyeds Dogs Australia , ANKC , Australian National Kennel Council
pedigree puppies
Expert dog breeders in South Australia
The Safe & Responsible Way To Buy Samoyed Puppies In south Australia
experienced, Ethical and Responsible breeder
Samoyeds are an active, agile, intelligent dog.
Samoyed breeders in South Australia
Samoyed Breeders Mount Gambier , samoyed breeder

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