Rainbow Bridge

 Laskana Artic Cheetah  DOB August 1989 (Nikki)

Nikki was my foundation bitch. Nikki was the best mother one could wish for.
Happy to be a showgirl, but more happy to be at home on the couch.
She was a wonderful part of my family and fantastic when my children started to arrive. She always reminded me of the character from Peter Pan – Nanny, you could have trusted her with your most loved members of the family.
Nikki sadly died of fluid on the lungs at the age of 10.

It was the night I returned home after spending a week with my son Aaron in hospital being treated for his asthma.
It was like she was waiting to say good-bye. It was a hell of a week!

Amarock Aces Eagle DOB 3 July 1990 (Maverick)

Maverick was to be my foundation stud dog – sadly he never quite made that role.
He was certainly top dog – but never a stud dog.
This stunning sable dog was ‘Day Blind’, whilst it never slowed him down in the show ring or playing in the snow, obviously he never made it to stud dog status as planned.
I continued to show him until such time that desexing him was the best option.
This grand old man was wonderful until the end at the age of 13 ½ years .
He died of a broken heart after the passing of the last girl from his pack.

Alaskamal Fozzy Bear (Fozzy)

This big teddy bear was a wonderful boy.

Enjoying his show life and always a character, doing exceptional well in brace classes with Uncle Mav they were a formidable pair.
Sadly after a visit to a boarding kennel, he received a spinal injury .

He crossed over  Rainbow Bridge far too early.

Alaskamal Yogi Bear (Yogi)

This wonderful dog started life as a show dog and ended up a football mascot (unofficially).
His owner Brett Phillips did an outstanding job raising this dog. Trained beautifully   you could ask anything of this dog – he was truly a gentle boy who’s playmate was a Maltese.

Alaskamal Who Dares Wins DOB Nov 1992 (Dakota)

Dakota was entrusted to the care of Karen Zinzzerella. He was a large part of Karen’s life. They enjoyed a lot together from Showing to holidays on the Murray.
Sadly it was one of those holidays that took Dakota from us, due to snakebite. 
Tahmanee’s litter brother, these two were a funny pair that always loved to run.
As a young dog he did very well in the show ring – my personal favourite day would have been getting RUBOB to his sire         Ch.Amarock Amak Floyd and the Sunbury show and Best Exhibit at the AMCV open show. He had many memorable days out.

Alaskamal Sing the Spirit DOB Nov 1992 (Tahmanee)

This little Miss couldn’t be wrong! Tahmanee was a wonderful showy girl who loved to strut her stuff. A trouble making spirit at home in the yard, she was the center of everything that happened.
I would be if she could be pack leader, she was a mischief maker – she started and let her mum Nikki and uncle Mav finish it for her.

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