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All puppies are ANKC Dogs Victoria registered , vaccinated , wormed , microchipped , ACES eye tested and relevant breed testing completed prior to leaving home. A Puppy pack is included . Please note I only sell to families within Victoria and South Australia

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  Puppy Preference:  Male
 Alaskan Malamute
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  Does anyone in the household have any allergies:
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  What best describes your residence?:
  Renters do you have consent ?:  Yes
  What type of back yard do you have?:  Secure wooden fence
 Brick fence
 Rural fencing
 Wire fence
 Secure dog run
  Do you and the other primary cares work full time?:  yes or no
 how many hours
  How many hours are you away from home:
  Are you currently a local or international student:  yes or no
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  What activities will you enjoy with your puppy/dog:  Bush walking
 Bike Riding
 Snow Sports
 Obedience / Rally O
 Run / jog daily
  Are you a permanent resident of Australia?:
  Are you an Australian Citizen ?:
  Is there any possibility of you moving overseas?:
  Do you currently own any other pets ?:
  What are your thoughts on desexing a puppy:
  Are you committed to attending puppy classes:
  Have you trained a dog before?:
  Are you looking for a guard dog?:
  Are you looking for a companion family pet:
  Are you looking for a Show dog:
  Are you interested in learning how to show?:
  Can you allocate 4 hours a week to grooming:
  Can you afford approx $120 for grooming:
  Is your life ready for a dog for the next 14years:
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