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Enjoy looking over my site to see the history of Alaskamal

see where we have been, and the most exciting part 

enjoy a look into the future to see where we are going with both our Samoyeds & Malamutes.


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Alaskamal Kennels in Haven, Victoria,  Australia

Support Registered Breeders of Pure Bred Dogs


As a Registered Breeder with Dogs Victoria I disagree with the current Bill before Parliament that will jeopardize the ongoing hobby of many Registered Breeders within Victoria.
This Bill was to impact puppy farmers and pet shop puppies
- neither of which I or my fellow breeders condone, yet we have been dumped into the same basket as them .
To learn more about what the Labor Government members Jaala Pulford  & Daniel Andrews are attempting to do please follow this link .

If you support Pure Bred Dogs and Registered Breeders , please sign the petition to support us .


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